At Lost Pines Dental Assistant School, we truly believe that we’re offering a way for just about anyone to take the first step toward a career that they can truly be proud of. Too many people these days are facing a crowded job market in which they’ll be battling against people with college degrees and years of experience. Many young adults are becoming high discouraged. They think their only options are to go to college and face a giant mountain of student debt, or spend their entire life working at a fast food restaurant.

We’re here to tell you that those aren’t your only options. We have students from all backgrounds and walks of life. Here are just some of the types of people who make ideal certified dental assistants.

High School Graduates and GED Holders

You don’t have to go to college to get a career in the healthcare industry. The only educational requirements for training to be a certified dental assistant at Lost Pines are a high school diploma or GED. If you’ve achieved this level of education or are about to achieve this level of education, you’re a prime candidate for dental assistant school.

Mothers & Fathers

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of your education or career plans. The great thing about training to become a certified dental assistant is that classes only run from 9 am to 4 pm, the normal hours that many kids are in school. Also, the entire session only runs for 13 weeks, which is much shorter than many other vocational programs.

Those Interested In Health Care

Just because you start your career as a certified dental assistant doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Dental assisting is a great way to get your foot in the door, get some experience working in the healthcare profession, and find out whether you’d like to pursue additional opportunities in the dental field.

Do you see yourself on this list? Contact Lost Pines Dental Assistant School about enrollment today!