dreamstime_xxl_36982072With the health care industry in the United States growing rapidly, choosing a career in dental assisting is an excellent option if you are looking to jump into an expanding field that involves caring for others. But with that in mind, what does a dental assistant do at the office? Here are several of the main responsibilities that are involved when you are employed as a dental assistant.

As a dental assistant you will be responsible for preparing and maintaining the instruments used in the office. This means that before a cleaning or procedure, a dental assistant makes sure everything is setup appropriately and that everything the dentist needs is available. A dental assistant will also be responsible for sterilizing the instruments used and making sure they are prepared for later procedures.

As the name implies, a dental assistant will assist a dentist with various procedures. Much like a surgical scrub nurse, a dental assistant will hand the dentist needed instruments and do tasks that the dentist may not be able to do with their hands busy fixing a patient’s teeth.

One of the most rewarding job duties for a dental assistant is the education of patients. A dental assistant helps instruct patients on proper hygiene and care for their best oral health.

Helping around the office is also a major part of a dental assistant’s job. From helping get patients ready for cleanings to keeping patient records, a dental assistant is an integral part of a functioning dental office. Contact Lost Pines Dental Assisting School to get started in your career today!