In a previous blog post, we talked a little bit about what skills translate into the dental assisting field. You don’t need to know everything about dentistry and teeth to begin this rewarding career. That’s what training is for. However, having an interest in oral health can definitely help. The main thing is that you want to help others. Along with being compassionate, a team player, and efficient; here are four more traits that make an exceptional dental assistant.

Very Detail Oriented

Being a dental assistant requires you to pay close attention to little details. Between record keeping of patient files and working directly with the dentist on procedures, it’s important to be able to record and remember tiny details. Additionally, it’s important to be able to perform very detail-focused procedures with the dentist.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

We’ve talked a bit before about how important it is to be a strong communicator. This is extremely important in the education component of being a dental assistant. Being a dental assistant is more than being a strong communication, however, It’s also about having strong interpersonal skills. This means you love working with people and can do it well every day.

Excellent Listening Skills

In addition to communicating, it’s important to be an excellent listener. Many things patients may tell you must be relayed to the dentist so that they will know the best way to help with the patient’s oral health. Being able to listen to a patient’s concerns and communicate those concerns to the dentist can change the course of a patient’s treatment.

First-Rate Organizational Skills

We’ve also talked about how much a dental assistant contributes around the office in terms of record keeping and assisting. It’s important that any dental assistant has excellent organizational skills to make sure everything is recorded and filed appropriately.

If you feel you have these skills and an interest in helping others, contact Lost Pines Dental Assisting School to learn more about starting your career as a dental assistant.