Are you thinking about a career in dental assisting, but aren’t sure if you have the qualities to be successful? Here is our outline of what it takes to be a great dental assistant.

Great communication skills
Between the patients, the dentist, and your other coworkers, you have many people to communicate with as a dental assistant. It is essential that you are able to listen well and discuss any concerns you have openly and honestly.

Compassion for others
As a dental assistant, you will have patients who experience pain and anxiety from the procedures performed. In many ways, you are the liaison between the patient and the dentist.
It is essential that you have the type of disposition that puts people at ease. Your ability to empathize with the patients helps them feel more comfortable with you.

Team player
As a dental assistant, you are a crucial employee to your dental office. You must work with the rest of the office collaboratively, and compromise when necessary. If you are unwilling or unable to work with a team mindset, the effectiveness of your office will suffer.

A good dental assistant can anticipate the needs of the dentist in order to streamline the process as much as possible. Of course, it takes time to get to know the dentist and their process, but a good dental assistant actively works towards understanding this in order to help the office run as efficiently as possible.

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