Whether you’ve just graduated from high school and you are looking for a good direction for your future, or you have experienced several different career changes and still haven’t found the right one for you, dental assistant school may be the perfect place to enhance your professional skills and give you a career you truly enjoy. At Lost Pines Dental Assisting School, we love our students as much as we love watching them succeed in their profession. Because of this, we have one of the most intensive, comprehensive, and experienced-based programs in Texas.

We understand that making the jump into a career you don’t know much about can be frightening. That is why our professionals and experts have compiled a list of benefits of becoming a dental assistant, so you can understand if this is the right path for you before you even apply. If you still have questions about what we do or what it’s like to be a dental assistant, then contact us today and we’ll set you up with a personal guidance counselor who would be happy to address any of your concerns.

Benefits of Being a Dental Assistant

Making a Difference

When you become a dental assistant, you will learn quickly that much of your job involves your patients. Seeing that they are comfortable and relaxed for the dentist, making sure their concerns are heard, and advocating for their needs are just a few elements of being a dental assistant. Many people love working with other people in this friendly, professional setting, but if you don’t enjoy interacting with others in this way, then dental assisting may not be right for you.

Special Skills

In studying to become a dental assistant, you will learn a vast amount of technological information and work with some of the latest and best equipment on the market. This means that you are not only working with people, but you are able to expand your horizons and your knowledge to gain technical skills that you may be using for years to come.

Flexible Hours

One of the major benefits of becoming a dental assistant is having a flexible schedule that you can create, depending on where you get hired. Almost every dentist’s office in Texas offers part-time assistant opportunities, which is perfect for young parents.

Booming Industry

Dental assistants are in high demand right now, and researchers only expect that demand to increase. This means that with the right training and skill sets, you can have the job security you’ll love. In addition, by attending our dental assistant school, you will be a head above the competition, giving you that added boost in the industry.

Good Benefits

Almost every dentist’s office in the country offers dental benefits as well as quality medical benefits to its assistants, so you no longer have to worry about struggling to find health care coverage.

Being a dental assistant is not a career path for everyone. If you think it is the right choice for you and you are ready to get started, then enroll in our dental assistant courses now! If you still have questions about our program or being an assistant in general, contact our friendly staff today and we’ll help to ease your concerns.