At Lost Pines Dental Assisting School, we will provide each student with the knowledge and hands-on experience that they need to graduate and become successful in their dental career journey. When you are looking to excel within a career as a registered dental assistant in a professional, family owned practice, then our dental assistant programs might be right for you. Once the decision has been made, let Lost Pines guide you on the rest of your journey to becoming a dental assistant.

Lost Pines Dental Assisting School is much more than a school, it is an overall experience that includes dental assistant courses, hands-on experience, and the necessary professional guidance it takes to excel. We implement in-office internships for all of our students which will allow them to get the most out of their education. These internships will allow them to take what they have learned at school and implement it within a real world situation. All of our classrooms are equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, providing our students with the optimal learning environment. See it and do it; realistic training is preparation for huge success.

Paying tuition to a state college may be out of the question. Lost Pines is an excellent option to get the most out of your education and set yourself on a path towards success. Our tuition is much lower than the big city schools, and we provide you with all of the same materials, lab coats, and internships. Lost Pines Dental assisting School has everything that the larger dental assistant programs have with the small class sizes, practical hands-on experience, and a small town atmosphere. If you are looking to become a dental assistant, Lost Pines is ready to help you! Get started on your path to a bright future today. Let us help grow your career here!